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Son of the Spy Who Came in From the Cold

Impossibly Complex Younger Women and Cold-War Wreckage

When you’re a spy, you literally “are the job.” But what happens when the job ends and the ravens come home to roost? In John Le Carré’s Legacy Of Spies, Christoph is the son of Alec Leamas, the literal “spy who came in from the cold.” Thirty years after the events of Operation Windall, a classic “haul-them-over-the-Berlin-Wall”-type caper, Christoph seizes the opportunity to sue his father’s old Service for wrongful death. Christoph is a plainly odious character, a sort of elder Millennial brat with an overbearing sense of entitlement and weird hygiene. In short, an asshole. But one symbolic of a generation outraged by the espionage crimes of their forbears, with no patience for their justifications ...

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